Terms of Business


Depending on the nature of the assignment, we will either price on the basis of a fixed price quotation or a daily rate. Where we carry out work on a fixed price basis, we will let you have a written quotation setting out the work to be carried out and the price you will pay for it. There will be no hidden extras.

Where we undertake work on a daily rate, we will agree the initial brief with you in writing including expectations, outputs and timetable. If the project lasts for longer than four weeks, we will meet with you every four weeks to review progress made and the objectives for the coming period.

All prices quoted are valid for two calendar months from the date of the proposal. We reserve the right to revise our quotation if you commission the work after this period has elapsed.

Fees and expenses

Our daily rate is currently £500 per day or £75 per hour for part days. We review our fee rates annually, and will give you two months' notice of any change.

Expenses incurred for travel and subsistence and for goods and services purchased on your behalf are charged at cost. We charge for the production of reports and other documentation as an expense. Travel costs will be charged as follows: standard class rail/public transport fares or car mileage at 40 pence per mile.

Where we carry out work on the basis of a daily rate, our charges are based on a standard day of seven hours and a five day week, excluding public holidays. We make a 20 per cent surcharge for agreed weekday working after 7.00 p.m. and a 25 per cent surcharge for agreed weekend working.


Where a daily rate applies, we submit invoices monthly in arrears. Where work is carried out on a fixed price quotation, the terms of payment will form part of the quotation. For smaller contracts, we will submit invoices immediately on completion. For larger ones, we will agree with you a schedule of interim payments.

In all cases (unless previously agreed), payment must be made within 15 days of the invoice date. We reserve the right to charge 3 per cent above the base rate of Lloyds TSB Bank Plc on any outstanding balance after the due date has passed.


If you cancel particular dates which we have agreed, giving less than 21 days' notice, we will try our best to reallocate the time to other clients. If this proves impossible, the originally agreed fee rate will be charged.


We will treat as absolutely confidential all of the material and information which you supply us with, and all reports, advice, recommendations and other products of the engagement which we produce for you.

If we wish to make reference to the work we have done for you - for the purposes of publicity, marketing, endorsements on this website, or for any other reason, we will only do so with your permission, which we will obtain in advance.

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